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What is ProVIGRAX?
ProVIGRAX is the first anti-impotence OTC tablet that has been clinically proven for its instant effectiveness and complete lack of side effects while treating Erectile Dysfunction.

What does sub-lingual mean?
Literally meaning ‘under the tongue’, refers to a pharmacological route of administration, wherein the drug is directly absorbed into the bloodstream when placed under the tongue.

What does ProVIGRAX contain?


Each ProVIGRAX sublingual tablet contains:

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
Cnidium Monnier extract

Is ProVIGRAX safe?
ProVIGRAX is the only non-prescription formula available for ED, and since intense research proves that it has absolutely no side effects, it is completely safe for consumption.

Is ProVIGRAX really effective?
NO available formula for treating ED, be it prescription or non-prescription, has been known to be 100% efficient in all men. However, second only to CIALIS®, ProVIGRAX has successfully shown good results and high efficacy in 77% of men. In addition, ProVIGRAX is a non-prescription formula which has absolutely no side effects.

How does ProVIGRAX work?
SCIENCE BEHIND ProVIGRAX gives the detailed mechanism of how the ProVIGRAX tablet works.

How is ProVIGRAX supplied?
Each bottle of ProVIGRAX contains 60 pills weighing 100mg each. These are securely packed and sealed to ensure your safety.

What is the usual effective dosage?
The usual dosage is TWO pills of ProVIGRAX, 30 minutes before sexual activity. A maximum of 4 pills can be taken within 24 hours, but not more than 2 pills can be taken within 12 hours.

How are ProVIGRAX pills shipped?
There are two shipping options available:
Airmail (low cost) and Courier express delivery (higher cost). All orders are discreetly shipped in plain brown envelopes.

What is your policy for returns and refunds?

We only accept refund or return requests in cases of the product not being delivered or if it is somehow damaged in transit. For any other special requests of cancellation/ return/ refunds, our support managers will determine the course of action. We may or may not choose to entertain such requests, and it shall in NO WAY be binding to us.

What if ProVIGRAX doesn’t work on me?
Among all ED formulas, ProVIGRAX has successfully shown good results and high efficacy in 77% of men, second only to CIALIS®

Is sex drive proportionate to increase in age?
In men, free testosterone is responsible for body energy, stamina and sex drive. A healthy, young man should have 800 free testosterone, while men with less than 350 free testosterone experience erectile function problems. By the time a man reaches 40, only 2% of total testosterone is free, while the rest is bound by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).


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